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Devinci Makes The New Hatchet Even More Lovable With Updates In Geometry, Larger Tire Capability… And Yes! More Mounts For You Bike-Packers And Adventure Riders Out There….

The new Hatchet made its debut on this year’s second installment of Grinduro, the new Hatchet comes in as a sharp and modern gravel bike featuring what you have come to demand on a super capable gravel machine: updated geometry, dropper compatibility, more mounts, and room for huge tires.

If location and tradition mean anything to anyone it certainly means something for Devinci. This famous bike manufacturer hails from Northern Quebec, an area that has perfect access to expert aluminum manufacturers as well as amazing and beautiful lands like those of Provincial park with an extensive network of trails and forest roads. These and then some was the principal inspiration for the original Hatchet that launched in 2014. These roads were long and rough, perfect for graveling, a market that was just dipping their toes in the water with riders experimenting with converted bikes on off road sections of roads.



The absence of traffic, the feeling of freedom and the thrill of the trails were only some of the things Devinci noticed from this young crowd of travelers, and they were not the only ones to do so since on 2015 the first Grinduro debuted.

Whether you are a true racer or just a weekend grinder, tire size has been the conversation point of many a beer gathering after the ride. With a wider and good variety of 700c tires available now and more and more appearing on the market Devinci built a bike that was capable of running wider threads making the bike more capable and comfortable. The new Hatchet peaks at 700 x 45mm or 650 x 2.1 making it a super capable gravel bike racer and an aggressive drop-bar trail rider.


To the savvy or serious graveler a 700×45 max tire clearance might not sound too fantastic, but that is not the end of the story. The new Devinci Hatchet actually clears a 700×50 tire, but Devinci advertises that you could run “Any’ 45mm tire, meaning you can run any thread pattern, with any rim and any pressure while running full coverage fenders! If that is not your cup of tea, then well you got the range wide open to 50mm, that said, anything over 45mm will be at-your-own-risk since mud clearance, tire thread, and pressure could be potential rubbing hazards with the frame or other clearance issues… so choose wisely.

Let’s Get Down & Dirty On The Frame Specs:

2020-devinci-hatchet-gravel-bike-carbon-tderailleur-portThe new Hatchet uses a full carbon frame with dropped chain stays on both sides of the frame. Because of the incredible fine-tuned geometry of the bike when running a 1x setup there is a minimum chainring size of 40t to prevent any chain slap (some have ventured to 38t with some tolerable slack); and the maximum chain size of 48t. For 2x Setups goes to 46/34 and 52/36 wit the alloy frame being able to handle slightly bigger chainrings. When in doubt always ask!

2020-devinci-hatchet-gravel-bike-carbon-tintake-portThe Carbon frame of the Devinci Hatchet is one of the most clean looking out there for gravel bikes, considering all the mounts and features. This is not by accident, Devinci spend a lot of time perfecting the design with special attention to subtle details that ultimate make the bike look and feel better. 2020-devinci-hatchet-gravel-bike-carbon-capped-axleThat means a capped front axle on the full carbon fork, sculpted lines that flow from the frame into the fork, a stick-on front derailleur cover, and all of the accessory mounts on the inside of the frame and fork with the exception of the rear rack mounts. The aluminum versions of the Hatchet is more adventure oriented than the more “racey” carbon counterpart, that is why it includes a taller head tube, and more fork mounts for extra gear.

How “Racey” Is It Anyways?


The new hatchet feels very similar to the previous generation when it comes to stiffness. In fact, a slight increase in stiffness is noticeable on the front end, which in part is due to the use of bigger tires. But being a Gravel and Adventure bike, frame compliance and comfort is also a big factor. Devinci took special care to include and improve these aspects of the bike in this new version giving it this beautiful dropped stay design with it’s s-bend shape at the seat tube all the way to the top tube. As previous Devinci carbon frames, this one is build using the EPS molding process with some tricks up the sleeve to ensure the best ride you come to expect form a Devinci. Special care has been taken for cable routing, including an intake port with multiple caps to accommodate electronic group sets and or a dropper post which is fully compatible with both the carbon and alloy versions (27.2mm)

It’s Made To Ride Those Aggressive Trails!


Unlike many road and cyclocross bikes, the Hatchet is designed with jumping and aggressive riding in mind. It is not your typical flatland wonder bike with bigger tires. The Devinci Hatchet is capable of that and much more like, clearing small doubles is something you can expect from this amazing gravel bike and something that really sets this bike apart. That said, the carbon frames comes with ample protection, molded chain stay protector covering top and bottom of the stay, skid plate on bottom bracket, and production frames will have a 3M protective decal covering the downtube.

When Endurance Is Your Game The Hatchet Is Your Ride!


Putting aside the aggressive capability of the new Devinci hatchet, we can’t fail to mention what an excellent endurance bike it is. Making it a great road, adventure, touring, or bike packing bike. Plenty of mounts all around, three bites cage mounts included on the frame and the ability to run a rear rack and full coverage fenders even on your carbon frame!

Now the only thing left to do is to come in and check it out for yourself!


Credits: Images by Cycles Devinci and Bikerumor.


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