Return Policy

Return/Store Policies:

These policies are designed to better serve our customers; to ensure our customers receive a quality product/service; and to provide an avenue to process claims against defects, warranties, malfunctions, or other legitimate issues that can affect a product or service that is sold or processed by Collareta Cycling. These policies are subject to change without notice at Collareta Cycling’s discretion. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone trying to abuse these policies or otherwise undermine Collareta Cycling’s integrity as a retailer.

Definitions: We define the term Bicycle or bike to refer to any Bicycle type including kids, hybrids, cruisers, e-bikes, MTB, tandems, tricycles, recumbent, road, triathlon, and any other category not mentioned. When a specific point applies only to a specific category we will identify it appropriately.


Bicycle Service:

  • Customers that bring Bicycles for service must fill out a customer information card/ provide contact information.
  • Any parts ordered or any service order that exceeds $50 must have a 50% deposit to provide service.
  • The customer is responsible for any accessories left on the bike during service. Preferably remove such accessories before dropping them off for service.
  • The customer shall be notified via phone once the service order is complete.
  • The customer has 10 shop working days to pick up the bicycle.
  • Storage fee shall apply to any bike left in-store past 10 days without a previous arrangement.
    • Storage fee shall be charged on the 11th shop working day and every 11th calendar day after that.
    • A storage fee will vary depending on the category of the bicycle/.
      • 2-wheelers $15
      • Cargo Bikes $25
  • Parts specially ordered for repair service will have a 50% re-stocking fee if the order is canceled or returned. That is if parts have not been installed, modified, or otherwise package opened, at which point they cannot be returned or refunded.
  • Old parts resulting in new parts installation or otherwise removed as part of the service will be discarded unless the owners specifically ask to “save parts” at the time of order initiation.
  • Tubes and flat tires: Bicycle tubes will only be warrantied within 24hrs of being replaced if all the conditions stated below apply:
    • It is visible that the tube was defective.
    • If both tube and tire were replaced and the rim liner is in good condition.
    • Otherwise, all tubes that are installed are not refundable. No Exceptions.
  • Child Seats/trailers not installed at the shop will not carry any guarantee.
  • Child Seats/Trailers not purchased in-store will not be installed.
  • Vehicle Racks not assembled in-store will not carry any guarantee.
  • Vehicle Racks not purchased in-store can be assembled by the store for a fee but will carry no guarantee.
  • The store is not responsible for installing vehicle racks on vehicles. The customer is responsible for ensuring that any vehicle rack fits their vehicle and is ultimately responsible for their installation.


  • • Parts specially ordered for repair service will have a 50% re-stocking fee if the order is canceled or returned. That is if parts have not been installed, modified, or otherwise package opened, at which point they cannot be returned.
  • Specially ordered items will have a 50% re-stocking fee if the order is canceled or returned. That is if the item is in the original “showroom” condition. Otherwise, all sales of specially ordered items are final. 
  • Closeout Items and items discounted past 25% will be sold as “Sales Final” no exchanges or refunds will be made for any reason.
  • Bicycle purchases will have a 10 calendar day return period to be eligible for a full refund given it is in the same showroom condition that it was at the time of purchase. If past the 10 Calendar day period, the shop reserves the right to accept any returns for a 25% re-stocking fee. The customer shall present the original receipt at all times. After 30 days no considerations will be made.

 Manufacturers Warranties/Guarantees

  • Manufacturers often offer a warranty covering the integrity of their products for a “limited” or “lifetime” period to the original owner of the product. As a retail representative of the brand, we will be happy to process any warranty claim on your behalf following the requirements that such a brand has put in place for processing claims. This is a free service at no cost to you. However, any shipping/other charges incurred and not paid by the manufacturer will be your responsibility as well as any assembly/disassembly or installation cost for such part(s) involved or associated with the claim.
  • Manufacturers often offer “product guarantees” or “satisfaction guarantees” covering the integrity or satisfaction of the product for a limited time. As a retail representative of the brand, we will be happy to process the claim on your behalf provided such a product was purchased “in-store.” Products not purchased on Collareta Cycling or cannot be processed by us and should be processed by the original retailer or the customer directly.
  • Be aware that most brands do not consider marketplace sales like those of Amazon, eBay, Jet, Bike Exchange; etc… to be authorized retailers and therefore those warranties/guarantees may be voided.

Bike Assemblies:

  • Bicycles not purchased in the store or not through our ship-to-store partners will only hold a 24-hour-limited warranty for assembly. This is limited to the work performed by the shop to assemble the bike. Bicycle frame and part malfunctions or damage are not included, as we cannot guarantee the quality of craftsmanship and manufacturing of such bikes. All claims including but not limited to: bad performance, accidents, damage, non-performing parts, breakage, paint, etc… shall be placed against the manufacturer or the place of purchase of such bike. It is our experience that bicycles purchased online at bargain prices are not of good quality and therefore present many problems and could pose a great risk of injury or death to the user.

 Internet Purchases:

  • Customers purchasing items from our website have the option to pick them up in-store or with Free Shipping*. If selecting “Free Shipping” items will be shipped with a tracking number via low-cost shipping. If expedited shipping is needed please contact us with your order number at and we will quote you the new shipping rate.
  • Products discounted 25% or more are final and are not refundable.

Internet Returns:

  • Customers have 30 calendar days from the item shipping date to return the product for a refund of the purchase price.
  • Customers have 10 calendar days from the purchase date to return any bicycle.
  • Bikes, are not shipped out to customers and must be picked up in-store at the time of purchase; therefore all returns must be done in-store.
  • All items being returned must first obtain a Return Authorization (RA) by contacting with your order number and return reason. Once the RA is issued you will receive shipping instructions to return the product.
  • All shipping charges paid are non-refundable.
  • Return shipping is at the customer’s expense.
  • Products being returned shall be in the original “Show Room” Condition so they can be re-sold as new items. Any deviation will constitute “use” and therefore could be subject to restocking fees of up to 50%.
  • All tags, labels, and packaging shall be in the same condition explained above.
  • When purchasing clothing items, any soiling of the garment will constitute use and could cause the cancelation of the RA and sent back to the customer at their expense.
  • Shoes that have had installed “cleats” shall constitute “use” and will be subject to a 50% re-stocking fee.
  • Customized items are non-refundable.
  • Customers buying products through our stores in Amazon, or any other marketplace will abide by the same return policies explained above, except the Return Authorization process will be done through the appropriate marketplace system.


Uptated 01/01/2023