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Vittoria Mazza Enduro Tires – Designed From EWS Riders’ Inputs

The new Vittoria Vittoria Mazza Enduro Tires combine years of athlete input with cutting-edge tread technology, raising the bar on the mixed terrain Enduro tire category. Starting with a defined center tread, the Mazza uses deep siping in the direction of rotation, allowing the tire to roll fast while still opposing drift, especially in off-camber terrain. The stepped leading edge rolls like a ramp, but digs in on climbs, making Vittoria Mazza a top choice for both front and rear use. Substantial room was designed into the center tread to provide braking traction, while also accelerating cleaning. Cornering on the Vittoria Mazza Enduro Tires is handled by Vittoria’s trademark progressive sipe width technology, which gives a gummy inside effective edge, but without the instability that competitors experience on the outside of the tread. Simply put, bigger sipes flex more than smaller sipes. This unique siping pattern creates asymmetrical tread flex and translates into a predictable, confident, and communicative feel at the limit of cornering. The Vittoria Mazza Enduro Tires’ generous tread depth claws into a range of terrain and is stabilized with Vittoria’s proprietary 4C compound layering process. Four separate Graphene 2.0 compounds are layered, allowing the surface of the tread to remain tacky, while the base remains planted. This ensures each effective edge is kept in place under high cornering and braking loads, leading to reduced rolling resistance, and increased wear life. The bar has been raised.

Vittoria Mazza Enduro Tires Features:

  • Trail TNT casing 120 TPI casing with second 120 TPI casing covering the sidewall, plus APF insert.
  • Enduro casing Two 120 TPI casings with APF insert
  • APF insert Anti-pinch flat insert that stabilizes and protects the shoulder of the tire.
  • 4C Compound Uses four different compounds for the ultimate combination of grip and low rolling resistance.
  • Graphene 2.0 Increased speed, wet grip, durability, and puncture resistance.

Vittoria Mazza Enduro Tires Details:

Tires that use three different rubber compounds are fairly common, but Vittoria took things a step further and turned the dial up to four. Rather than use the same durometer for the entire base of the tire, Vittoria’s 4C compound uses a harder durometer in the very center, where the need for more wear resistance is the greatest, with a slightly softer compound on top. Two different rubber compounds are used for the side knobs, where once again there’s a harder layer to help provide support during cornering with a softer compound on the top for grip in wet conditions. Graphene, a microscopic layer of graphite, is mixed with all of the various rubber compounds, where Vittoria says it fills the spaces between the rubber molecules, increasing the tread lifespan and improving rolling resistance.

Vittoria owns the only extruder in the world that allows for 4 compounds in a single tread which it then fortifies with Graphene 2.0. This allows Vittoria to fine-tune the flex of the tread-base and tread-surface separately, placing the correct durometer Graphene 2.0 compound exactly where it is needed for maximum cornering, climbing, rolling, and braking performance. Additionally, durability and puncture protection is also improved, as the base compound resists punctures, and provides a more stable base for the tread.

The Verdict: Whether you are riding in the next Enduro World Tour or on your backyard bike park the Vittoria Mazza Enduro Tires are the perfect pairing for those seeking consistent and very predictable handling in mixed terrain. 

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