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The Tradesman Bike Multi-Tool lets you fix pretty much anything you might encounter on the go. This is the ultimate multi-tool for any adventure.

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Why has no one invented a multi tool that removes chain quick link? Oh wait, we have to check out the Tradesman Bike Multi-Tool. All the hex and Torx keys you’re ever going to need in a portable tool, with the addition of a disc pad spreader and a tool that’ll remove the stubbornest split links.

This is the ultimate multi tool for any adventure rider, touring riders, mountain biker, graveler, and bikepacker. The Tradesman Multi Tool, lets you fix pretty much anything you might encounter on the go that can be fixed with tools.

Tradesman Bike Multi-Tool Features:

  • Considered Tool Design
    • The selection, length, and placement of each tool has been carefully thought out so that you have the right tool and can easily use it.
  • Compact Design
    • Why carry around more bulk than you have to? This product is designed for the minimalist in you.
  • L Shaped Tools
    • Power to your elbow. A full set of hex key sizes includes L-shaped 2, 2.5, and 4mm tools for all of those hard-to-reach bolts that always come loose when you’re not looking.
  • Quick Link Storage
    • No one wants half a quick link. Our integrated storage for a spare link saves you from losing half in the bottom of a bag somewhere.
  • Quick Link Tool
    • Link quick-links quicker. Our unique tool allows you to safely and quickly split quick links on the trail. Something that even a Boy Scout would have a hard time improvising a tool for.
  • Disc Pad Spreader
    • An accidental squeeze of a brake when the wheel is out is all it takes to get your brake pistons stuck. Luckily our pad spreader saves the day and keeps you drag-free.

Tradesman Bike Multi-Tool Details:

  • 18 functions
  • Quick link storage
  • Tools include: T25, T30, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm allens, disc brake pad spreader, flathead screwdriver and quick link chain tool compatible with 12 speed and fewer gears
  • 0.30lbs


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  1. Collareta Cycling Product Team

    This tool has everything you can think of to help you get out of a jam while out and about.

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