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With proven AXS wireless technology and the rugged durability of GX, the GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit it’s Eagle at its best. Featuring an expanded 520% range, seamless compatibility with the rest of the ecosystem, and the ability to customize with the AXS app, GX Eagle AXS™ is your entry point to the future.

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Discover Wireless for all with the GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit:

The day-in, day-out Eagle ecosystem hero is now available with AXS. New for 2021, The GX AXS upgrade kit is your entry point into wireless drivetrain simplicity. Compatible with any of our Eagle ecosystem cassettes and crank arms, the upgrade kit allows you to experience AXS without needing to buy an entire groupset provided you already are using Eagle products. No matter if you are looking to upgrade your ride, or looking for great value replacement parts, look no further than the GX AXS upgrade kit.

Your entry point to the future. The SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit provides you with everything you need to make your existing Eagle drivetrain wireless. Backward compatible with both our original and expanded range Eagle Cassettes, the boundary to the next generation of shifting has never been more open.

Time to ditch the cables and housing without breaking the bank. The long-awaited, SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit opens the door for a lot more people to have electronic shifting. The SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit uses the same proprietary wireless tech as other AXS items, so just like mechanical AXS, you’ll be able to mix and match the full system.

Ahead of the game, the new GX wireless shifting from SRAM enjoys all the years of testing that X01 and XX1 went through. You’ll especially enjoy the crisp feel of the electronic drivetrain, and that every shift feels the same when the element of human error is taken out of the equation. Easy to adjust, the upgrade kit hooks up to the SRAM AXS app instead of having to drag out the toolbox.

Features and Highlights of the SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade-kit:

  • Trickle-down tech brings Eagle AXS to a lower price point
  • Enjoy precise, silent, and reliable shifting performance
  • A long-lasting alloy design shaves weight without compromise
  • Overload clutch derailleur protects the internal motor from impacts
  • Upgradable buttons on the shifter for better ergonomics
  • The system is water and dustproof for reliability on the trail
  • Ability to personalized and adjust with the AXS app
  • The Upgrade kit includes the battery, charger, shifter, and derailleur.


Check out the launch video for the SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit:

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