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LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals


LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals


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LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals

The LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals have Chromoly+ axle and stainless steel bearings for extreme reliability. Beyond its weight, its power-to-weight ratio is the best in class on the market today. Light, aerodynamic and powerful, the pedal has all you need to take it to the next level, all the way to victory.



  • A 700 mm² contact area on a carbon body
  • Optimize every pedal stroke thanks to the stiffness of the carbon blade technology
  • Simply the best power-to-weight ratio on the road pedal market today

LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals Origins

Look is driven by one obsession: to provide each and every cyclist with performance products of the very highest standard. The desire to constantly improve our pedals has pushed them to explore the advantages of better bearings, with the aim of making the technology accessible to a majority of cyclists.

This innovative idea is implemented in the LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals: our elite-level weapon designed for pure racing performance. The unique, patented BLADE technology is combined with the unequaled bearings and LOOK’s signature power-to-weight ratio, ensuring the pedal comes straight in as a reference on the market.

The LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals are the Professional Team’s Pedal of Choice


UCI WORLD TOUR teams have chosen the LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals to accompany them during their training and racing season.

Lightweight, aerodynamic, and powerful, the LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals provide the riders with an incredible platform to keep improving and optimizing performance on the road to victory.


Since LOOK’s beginning in the bicycle world when metals were king, our material of choice has always been carbon. For over 30 years LOOK has developed in its factories unique expertise and vast know-how in the carbon field to reach specific desired properties.

Once the optimal shapes had been created, our engineers work on the processes and the carbon for each area of the pedal in a very precise manner to achieve our goal: the creation of the ultimate aerodynamic and light pedal.



The use of a carbon blade instead of a conventional metal spring offers numerous advantages:

  • The “blade – lever” system is 20% lighter than a standard “spring – lever” system.
  • The carbon blade blends fluidly into the shape and volume of the pedal, improving the overall aerodynamic properties of the product.
  • The BLADE technology revolutionizes the engagement/ disengagement experience whilst offering firm and secure support. The bowing of the blade when un-clipping means the required disengagement torque is reached more rapidly in the dynamic of the movement, allowing for faster cleat release.

Pedaling experience is also improved thanks to a firmer lateral stop.

The carbon blade is available in various stiffness options: 12, 16, or 20. The blade can be easily, intuitively, and quickly (a few seconds suffice) changed depending on the rider’s clip-in / clip-out preferences.


In order to meet the requirements of the most demanding cyclists, the LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals are designed to resist the very worst weather conditions. Particular care is given to each component within the axle to ensure optimal lifespan.

The axle is guaranteed waterproof by IPX7 (full immersion) and IPX6 (rotating pedal exposed to water jets) tests. The design of the outer cap and the inside nut has been revised to meet these requirements.


The full extent of the power a cyclist develops is transferred to the bike – and the road – through the pedals. Without going into extensive scientific detail, the larger the contact area, the more efficient the transfer of energy will be. On the other hand, the wider the contact area, the more the weight of the pedal increases.

LOOK engineers have worked tirelessly to pinpoint the areas where energy transfer is optimal, in order to finetune design and reduce any unnecessary surfaces. This careful analysis was key to producing a pedal with the best weight-to-contact area ratio on the market today.

LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Road Pedals Technical Specifications

  • Spindle material
    • Chromoly +
    • Technology Blade
    • Body material Carbon
    • Platform area 700 mm²
    • Platform width 67 mm
    • Total stack height (pedal + cleat) 14,8 mm (8,5 + 6,3 mm)
    • Q Factor 53 mm
    • Retention Serial installed in 8 + additional 12 in box
    • Cleats KEO cleat
    • Blade Composite
    • Pedal 115 g
    • Weight pair + cleats 300 g

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 5 in


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