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Lazer Blade MIPS Cycling Helmet offers impressive value for the keen road cyclist along with effective ventilation, low weight, and stylish looks.

Whether you’re riding all day long or just commuting to work, comfort and protection are critical that is why the Lazer Blade MIPS Cycling Helmet is the perfect companion. Lazer’s ARS Fit System ensures a snug fit without any pressure points or hot spots. The head basket (the part that cradles the skull) is adjustable. The Lazer Blade MIPS Cycling Helmet is also compatible with ponytails.

Rotational impacts are one of the worst and most dangerous forms of impact that you can suffer. Lazer has included MIPS technology on the Blade MIPS Cycling Helmet. MIPS protection helps to reduce the risk of rotational injury if you hit the deck by allowing for the helmet cradle to rotate instead of the person’s scalp and therefore absorb the kinetic energy of the impact. The Lazer Blade MIPS Cycling Helmet has been awarded the Virginia Tech 5-Star “Best Available” protection rating due to its safety features and excellent design. If you are a night rider then the optional rechargeable Rear Z-LED light will make you more visible when you’re riding in low light (sold separately)

For most serious cyclist weight and ventilation is as important as safety. The Lazer Blade MIPS Cycling Helmet has twenty-two vents that allow plenty of airflow, helping save the sweat from dripping into your eyes on the climb or on hot-weather rides. That, combined with a meagre 260gr of weight, the Lazer Blade MIPS Cycling Helmet is a climber’s favorite.

Lazer Blade MIPS Cycling Helmet Spec Table


  • 260g (size x-small)


  • EPS Foam
  • Polycarbonate
  • Nylon


  • Advanced Rollsys System (ARS)


  • 22 vents


  • MIPS


  • CPSC


  • Optional Aeroshell
  • Optional LED Taillight

Lazer Blade MIPS Cycling Helmet Features:

  • Multi-use polycarbonate cover which fits over the top of your helmet. It covers the front and side vents to protect your head from rain and cold or to gain an aerodynamic advantage.
  • Allows the back part of the retention system to be adjusted up and down depending upon your preference and comfort. The nylon ratchet system can be pushed high and out of the way, or low for a feeling of increased security.
  • Easily adjust your helmet’s fit by using the thumbwheel on the top of the helmet. Lazer’s unique fit system prevents hotspots or pressure points by making the adjustment around the entire circumference of the head.
  • Polycarbonate bottom shell finishing looks good and helps protect the helmet foam for increased durability.
  • This helmet is compatible with the integrated Rear LED Light accessory which improves your visibility from the rear in low light conditions.
  • One of the lightest helmets we have ever created. Meets all safety testing and certification requirements while being so light you’ll hardly notice it on your head.
  • The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) helps reduce the risk of rotational brain injury by isolating your head from the rotation of the helmet shell in the event of an impact.
  • The Virginia Tech impact testing uses the STAR evaluation system to determine the helmet’s ability to reduce linear acceleration and rotational velocity of the head resulting from a range of impacts a cyclist might experience. 5-star indicates the “Best Available” rating possible. Virginia Tech recommends the use of any 4- or 5-star rated helmet.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in



LG/58-61CM, MD/55-59CM


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