Ergon GA3 Grips - Black, Lock-On, Small


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Ergon GA3 MTB Grips Mini Wing, more support with more comfort.

Why not combine the best? With the GA3, the winged grip has proven its genius to the All-Mountain world. The Ergon GA3 MTB Grips Mini Wing offers the perfect combination of wrist support and trail performance;  providing the perfect fit and style for each individual rider. The GA3 optimally supports and relieves common wrist pain while the perfect ergonomics allows you the ergonomic control to take your ride to the limit.

Ergon GA3 MTB Grips Mini Wing Wrist relief

If the wrist is bent too much when biking, the carpal tunnel can be compressed. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be noticed by burning pain in the hand or forearm. The wing grip offers a perfect solution to this common issue. By correcting the hand position with a more ergonomic surface area, the carpal tunnel is relieved and pain is prevented.

Ergon GA3 MTB Grips Mini Wing Even softer – even more grip

As a further development of the GA2 series, the textures of the GA3 grip are even more adapted to the hand and thus require less gripping forces.


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