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Ergon GA2 Fat Grips are for those who want the maximum comfort

The Ergon GA2 Fat Grips is the big brother of the popular GA2 all-mountain grip and is a perfect solution for riders with larger hands or riders who simply prefer more grip in hand. The GA2 Fat also provides more cushioning, offering better control, more comfort, and therefore more riding fun!

Ergon GA2 Fat Grips Gripping ease

Ergon matches the demands of riders for more grip in hand for their GA series. The GA2 Fat not only benefits riders with larger hands, it’s also a great grip for those who prefer more grip in hand. All of the benefits of the GA2 are achieved with the added benefits of a larger diameter and a greater ability to dampen vibrations. This allows the rider to lessen their gripping forces.

Ergon GA2 Fat Grips Nerve relief

When mountain biking, a good portion of the rider’s pressure rests on the handlebars. Over time this can compress nerves within the hand and cause discomfort, pain, or numbness. The design of the GA2 allows the rider to rest their hand in a wider position, counteracting the common discomforts of a tight, narrow grip.

Ergon GA2 Fat Grips Excellent grip

The priority of high-quality materials is one of Ergon’s core values. The soft, durable, and pure German rubber with a specific texture layout offer a great deal of comfort and control on the bike. With an internal clamp, more space is available for a wider grip. The GA2 provides an ergonomic texture layout and vibration damping while reducing gripping strain.



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