The POC Kortal Helmet – Mountain Bike Specific

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Taking a Closer Look At the POC Kortal Helmet – A specialty Helmet for Mountain Biking MTB

Rooted in Sweden, the folks behind POC helmets pride themselves on being the “Volvo” of the cycling industry. What does that even mean? — Well it means that their whole focus is making their products as safe as possible for their intended use in their different disciplines.

Their newest helmet is called the POC Kortal, this is a mountain-specific helmet featuring MIPS and non-MIPS versions and an array of colors.

POC-Kortal-Helmet-MIPS-IntegraThose equipped with MIPS have the latest version of the technology called MIPS “Integra”; this means that the MIPS system is better integrated in the structure of the helmet rather than the traditional hanging mesh that we would find on other helmets. This alone maintain the rotational impact safety capacity that MIPS is design to do, but also improves comfort and airflow for the rider wearing it.

Next, the new POC Kortal features RECCO technology, a technology rooted in ski and snowboarding, which POC also serves, and serves as a land base sonar. In the event of crash on the trail, were you are unable to get assistance and become stranded, the RECO chip on the helmet can be detected by emergency response personnel during search and rescue, which can potentially mean significant advantage in the time of your recovery.

POC-Kortal-Helmet-RECCO-NFCFinally, the NFC chip or Near Field Communication feature within the helmet adds a small emergency digital storage for your medical information. This would be handy to those rescuing you in the event that you are unconscious or unresponsive. All they have to do is put their phone near the NFC chip and they will see the medical info that you have previously entered.

POC-Kortal-Helmet-Mountain-Specific-MTB-1A side from the safety features of the POC Kortal Helmet, the ascetic design is one of the best for comfort, coverage, ventilation, and the ability to pair well with Googles or glasses. These features add to the comfort of the rider while wearing it without detracting from the helmet’s prime mission of keeping you safe.
The Kortal helmet weight is 408 grams which is very lightweight for such a versatile helmet. Most importantly the helmet feels very well balance on the head so it doesn’t become a burden after hours of wearing it on the trail. IPOC-Kortal-Helmet-Mountain-Specific-MTB-2t also feature a movable visor that can adjust up or down according to your preferred eyewear selection and in the up position provides ample space to secure google that are not being worn. Finally the rear coverage of the helmet is significant, coming all the way down to the neck and part of the safety features but also ascetically pleasing and comfortable. This together with 17 vents and the MIPS Integra system make for one of the most comfortable yet safe helmets in the industry today.

Although the POC Kortal Helmet is designed as an all-mountain helmet, it is one of the preferred helmets of riders in other disciplines of MTB, such as cross-country (XC), trail, dirt jumping, enduro, and e-bike riders as well.

POC-Kortal-Helmet-Mountain-Specific-MTB-3We hope you have found this small review of the POC Kortal helmet interesting and useful. We always try to keep the Kortal Helmet in-stock as part of our mission to curate the best items in the industry for you. We encourage everyone to wear a helmet and why not a POC helmet? Remember that your life and safety is the most important thing, this is one item where it can literally mean life or death in the event of a crash so don’t look at price tags when you shop for helmets.

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