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From Southern California’s famous Venice Beach comes a breath of fresh air to some of the most used but sometimes overlooked types of bicycles. Bikes for the everyday rider and urban use. Not the catchiest of sentences, but the bikes are pure joy both in design and performance. Linus caters to the urban rider with a focus on functionality, something most other brands ignore. Every Linus bike is elegant, build with a purpose and build to be ridden for years to come.

Founded in 2007 by Adam McDermott, Linus was created with the belief that simple, elegant and functional bikes can inspire people to ride more and drive less. Beyond the simple joy of it, Linus sees bicycles as a practical solution to big problems: they improve health and well-being, reduce carbon emissions, enrich communities, and make neighborhoods more livable and connected. With over 100,000 bikes sold since its launch, Linus has done just what it set out to do, make people drive less, ride more, and overall improve quality of life for all of us.

We invite you to visit our showroom as we stock most, if not all of the Linus line, see you soon…


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