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As maybe one of the only bike brands that can truly claim the title “work of art” Pegoretti is both ridden and exhibited around the world by enthusiasts and art galleries. The legacy of Dario Pegoretti, an Italian Bicycle artisan, craftsman, engineer, and innovator, whose motto “fatti con le mani” (made with the hands) is represented not only on the brand’s crest and head badge but on decades of superb craftsmanship and artistry. Through his vision and partnership with another artist, the bikes of Pegoretti are true works of art, tailor-made, and ready for a truly passionate cyclist.

Are you an artist at heart? Maybe you appreciate the finer things in life? Or are you one of those who love to be unique? We are all of the above and more. You are a perfect fit for a Pegoretti. Visit our showroom to start your build journey, don’t worry we are here to guide you through it. see you soon!


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