One lifestyle change you have already accomplished

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Back to Basics,

We all know how it goes; staying healthy and fit is a “Lifestyle Change,” as our fitness idols call it. We have tried to incorporate running, and Crossfit, and even YouTube yoga into our “lifestyle” numerous times.

However, we have been ignoring the one tool that has been part of most of our lives since most of us were about seven years old; something that started out as a playful bonding experience with dad, to a way of transportation to the nearest neighborhood hangout spot, and then slowly forgotten in the back of our garages.

But today that can change, cause we are going back to basics! Instead of trying to incorporate something new every time we strive to achieve a new fitness goal, let’s dig back into something we have already done.

Okay sure… bicycling might not have been considered a conscious lifestyle choice back-in-the-day, but if it was part of it once, it could be part of it again!

Now, dig deep in your garages for your old friend, or borrow your kid’s pink one with sparkly handle tassels on it, we won’t judge. Just get back on the saddle and pick up your old hobby! After all, it’s like riding a bike… once you learn, you never forget.


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