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Pronto Urban Bike – Urban Performance with elegance and style.

Well-suited for quick errands and longer commutes. Reflective tires complement the light-weight alloy frame while matte shades of indigo and black establish an air of understated class.


  • Light-weight Diamond Frame
    Premium 6061 alloy tubing makes this frame light and stiff for the fast commute.
  • Bevelled Fenders
    Custom fit alloy fenders keep you clean from road to office
  • Anatomic Gel Grips
    Contoured grips fit the shape of your hand and absorb shock on longer rides.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware*
    Wherever possible, Linus has chosen to make all the nuts, bolts, and washers on their bikes out of stainless steel. Stainless is much more resistant to rust than your typical chrome plated hardware. This small detail extends the life of your bike and helps to preserve its good looks.
  • Spokes
    13 Gauge stainless steel spokes on the rear wheel because they are thicker and stronger than the standard 14 Gauge. Stronger spokes make stronger wheels, which is great when carrying extra weight like groceries or toddlers over bumpy city streets.

Learn More about the Linus Pronto Urban Bike At Linus’ Website Here.


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    bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida