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The Pegoretti Responsorium Custom Steel Road Bike Frame or The ‘Respo’ is one of the most popular frames because it does so many things well.

The Pegoretti Responsorium is fast, exceptionally comfortable and thanks to its stainless steel construction, a natural choice for challenging environments.

The Responsorium blends custom drawn Columbus XCR steel with Pegoretti signature hooded dropouts and 16mm cylindrical non-tapering stays. Coupled with its thinner walls and more extensive butting, the Responsorium affords a touch more vertical compliance than our other frames, making it a great choice for very long days in the saddle.

The Responsorium is named after an album by Argentine musician, Dino Saluzzi.

Although each Pegoretti produced is a hand-made work of art, owning a unique Pegoretti is like having your portrait taken by one of the Italian masters of the renaissance. Enter “Ciavete” or “Surprise Me” program.

Ciavete is the original ‘surprise me’ scheme, a freeform, abstract painting style equally inspired by the client and the moment. The true magic behind owning a Pegoretti is getting one made exclusively for you. Based on your own measurements, the artist at the “Bottega” will construct the perfect fitting frame and give you an exclusive paint-job inspired by your inputs, but also by the moment and they keen minds of Pegoretti Artists. The result is a one of a kind bicycle, that can be ridden with pride and equally displayed as a true work of art.

Check out the Ciavete Gallery for some of the latest works that have come trough the Bottega under this custom program.

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    bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida