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The Mixte 7i Urban Cruiser A 60’S FRENCH CLASSIC

The Mixte 7i Urban Cruiser is the perfect ally for a leisure ride around your neighborhood. This sporty ride is a timeless classic with its signature diagonal line. The Mixte frame first appeared at the dawn of women’s lib, when stylish French women were racing alongside the men and arguing ideas with the same conviction. No need for that now, but you can race around town to your favorite coffee shop, gym, market, etc..

Top of its class. Now with polished alloy fenders, a threadless headset, wrapped grips, and a laboriously perfected metallic paint you just won’t get anywhere else.

7-Speed Internal Gear Set

This bike is internally geared, which means you have the benefit of multiple gears without a cumbersome derailleur. For city riding, internal gears have many advantages. They are extremely reliable, require very little maintenance, you can shift without pedaling, and they’re very easy to use.


  • Paint
    A second layer of protective clear coat is added to the paint. It’s more work for us but it makes the paint stronger and more resilient for you. Two coats are better than one.
  • Bell
    A mid-century alloy bell alerts passers-by with a clear tone. It accents your bike with a flash of elegance and completes a pretty package.
  • Hardware
    Wherever possible, Linus has chosen to make all the nuts, bolts, and washers on their bikes out of stainless steel. Stainless is much more resistant to rust than your typical chrome plated hardware. This small detail extends the life of your bike and helps to preserve its good looks.

Check Out the Mixte 7i Urban Cruiser on the Linus Website Here.

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