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LOOK 795 Blade RS DISC Carbon Aero Road Bike -The New Frontier of Performance!

The updated Look 795 BLADE RS Carbon Aero Road Bike incorporates all the latest innovations to reach new levels of performance. Disc brakes are one of these innovations: they ensure more powerful, more progressive braking in both wet and dry road conditions. This makes for a greater sense of security and control on downhills and through corners, allowing the rider to brake later and carry speed further.

The second advantage of disc brakes is the option of mounting wider rims and tires. The Look 795 BLADE RS Carbon Aero Road Bike accepts tires with a section up to 700×30. The benefits of a tire holding a greater volume of air are double: the tire and rim are more aerodynamic, and tire pressure is reduced. In other words, the greater the tire section, the lower the pressure.

Contrary to popular belief, riding with lower air pressure increases the bike’s efficiency: the tire absorbs the roughness of the road surface and in doing so helps to maintain speed. Riding at lower pressure also increases the contact area between the tire and the ground, which significantly improves traction. This is true on dry roads, and becomes an even more important factor when the going gets wet….

Available also as a frameset, inquire below.

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