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Gaston 3i Cafe Racer Bike – THE CAFÉ RACER

The Gaston 3i Cafe Racer Bike is made from 4130 Chromoly for a stiffer, lighter frame and fork. The wrapped leather bar tape will age and patina beautifully with time, and the downtube shifter reduces handlebar clutter. Classy and sporty all in one bike.


  • Chromoly steel
    This bike is built with 4130 Chromoly tubing for a lighter, stiffer and more responsive frame.Paint
    Linus applies a second layer of protective clear coat to the paint. It’s more work but it makes the paint stronger and more resilient for you. Two coats are better than one.
  • Headset
    The flat surface of a head set is a place where water often settles and over time rust develops. That’s why Linus chose to make their sets out of aluminum so they don’t rust.
  • Internal Gears
    This bike is internally geared, which means you have the benefit of multiple gears without a cumbersome derailleur. For city riding, internal gears have many advantages. They are extremely reliable, require very little maintenance, you can shift without pedaling, and they’re very easy to use.
  • Reflective Tire Wall
    This bike has reflective tire walls, greatly enhancing your visibility at night. You can see quite clearly that without the reflective tire wall, a bike is nearly invisible on a dark street.
  • Sealed Bearings
    This bike has sealed bearings in the front hub. The advantages of sealed bearings over loose bearings are less friction, no maintenance, and more resistant to grit, grime and weather, making for smooth rides and extending the life of the bike.
  • Spokes
    Linus uses 13 Gauge stainless steel spokes on the rear wheel because they are thicker and stronger than the standard 14 Gauge. Stronger spokes make stronger wheels, which is great when carrying extra weight like groceries or toddlers over bumpy city streets.

Learn More About the Gaston 3i Cafe Racer Bike on Linus’ Website Here.

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bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida
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