Basso Palta


$5500 (Frame $4400)

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Basso Palta Or As We Call It, Just “Palta”

The Basso Palta gravel bike is a category specific build from this top tier Italian manufacturer. The Palta was built from the ground up by Basso, and specifically designed as a gravel-racing machine. Not derived from other frame models nor adapted to fit wider tires, this new model has been built with the purpose of challenging the status quo; and provide the best performance and engineering a carbon gravel bike could have while maintaining the quality and style of this 100% Italian fabrication bike.

The word “Palta” means “mud” in loosely translated Italian dialect, a suiting name for this bike that is meant to get dirty and dusty and conquer any path you put it through. The Palta features new geometries and an extended wheelbase, 42c tire clearance, integrated seat clamp system, vibration damper Palta seat post, dedicated for 1x. All the trimmings of the perfect built gravel-racing machine.

For those that value adventure riding more than racing the Palta offers 3 gear bolts holes on top side of down tube, 2 underneath the down tube and 2 bottle cage holes on the seat tube. Enough to pack it full of adventure gear. It’s also available with an adventure carbon fork that although the same shape features 3 holes to mount additional gear.

Lets do Palta! #wearebasso

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