Bike Technology Highlight: Rocky Mountain’s Pipeline Rear Triangle

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Pipeline has been wowing riders across the US, right out of the gate. Here’s what you need to know about Rocky Mountain’s latest to launch:

They started with a carbon front triangle borrowed from Instinct. To accommodate up to a 3.25″ tire, they have created a wider rear end with a few extra features. The re-designed double clevis on the seat stay increases anti-squat values throughout the range of travel. It adds more sensitivity at the start of the travel, and more bottom-out resistance at the end. The added sensitivity works in parallel with the use of the larger volume tires inflated at lower pressures, while the small gain in anti-squat adds to the already impressive climbing characteristics of the Pipeline.

The smaller diameter plus-size tires means that they were able to shorten the chainstay length relative to the Instinct, adding some agility to the planted feel of the high volume tires. Please note, that means Pipeline is *not* compatible with 29″ wheels. Finally, boost spacing increases rear end stiffness and ensures optimum 1x drivetrain chainlines.

With its playful geometry and 27.5+ tires, Pipeline puts big smiles on riders’ faces, from beginner-level to advanced.

So what does this mean for our local Florida riders?


Pipeline is a bike made to take advantage of trail characteristics, it doesn’t “shy away” from technical single-tracks and definitely doesn’t compromise climbing or speed. The added bonus of Plus size tires is perfect for sandy or muddy trails which are the bread-and-butter of the South Florida MTB scene.



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