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Bicycle Service, Repair & Tune-up.

bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Collareta Cycling is proud to be a Shimano Certified Service Center, as well as qualified to work with SRAM, Campagnolo, and all other major part manufacturers. With over 17 years of experience servicing, assembling, and repairing bicycles of all brands, types, and kinds, we feel confident that our team will be able to help you resolve your issue or upgrade your bike to the next level. Anything from a simple puncture, a bicycle tune-up, brake bleed, or shock service, assembling or packing your bike to building a custom bike from the ground up, our team will be happy to assist you. No appointment is necessary, just drop in for a visit.

Prices can vary according to the intensity of labor and labor hours. We may refuse to install parts not purchased in-store or charge a surcharge fee. Always bring your bike in for a no-commitment quote. We do not give quotes over the phone. We do not work on Electric Bikes not purchased in-store.


Custom BuilT Bicycles

bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

We specialize in custom-built bicycles. We feel that everyone out there has a unique personality that makes them who they are, so why should you buy a bike right off the shelf when you can build your dream bike? Worried about cost? You’ll be surprised.

Make your frame selection, pick your wheels, choose your drivetrain, and top it off with personality on the cockpit, seat-post saddle, and accessories. Your bike is an expression of yourself why make it the same as everyone else’s?

Come in and lets a custom build your dream bike together.

Bicycle Trade-In

bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Collareta Cycling offers customers the best trade-in service in the industry. Eliminate having to deal with taking pictures, posting on eBay or Craigslist, paying shipping and auction fees; and dealing with salespeople low-balling you for your bike. We make it easy and fair to sell your used bike fast and at the right price Come on in for a no-obligation evaluation.

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