Bianchi Infinito XE – A World Class Bike Within Reach

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The new Bianchi Infinito XE is the perfect mid-range carbon road bike that will satisfy most riders out there.

The Infinito XE blends the lines of a fully featured race bike with a more than capable endurance ride. In fact, the idea behind the new Infinito XE is to bring the same ride features of the world renowned Infinito CV (the king of endurance bikes) down to a more affordable level for all to enjoy.

When we looked at other brands out there we tend to see a vast difference between the entry-level race bike and the endurance models… With Bianchi we can confidently say that no compromises are made — or, at least, not much that we have noticed. The Infinito XE responds really good to power demands, transferring with very little flex all that power into forward motion. The drivetrain, whether your choice of Shimano 105, or Ultegra, has been specced for endurance riding with a 50T Chainring and a 11-30T cassette and a medium cage rear derailleur… allowing you to potentially increase the range of the cassette without needing to change the derailleur.

The ride of the Infinito XE is best described as “stable” — the bike just wants to keep rolling forward; “confident” — doesn’t matter if rough roads or dirt roads even the bike does flitch; “comfortable” — as you come to expect from an endurance road bike, the comfort factor is definitely there and it becomes more and more apparent the longer you ride. This is a bike that you’ll enjoy riding for hours and still feel good and fresh stepping down from the saddle.

There are a lot of detailed features on the bike that make it much more than your typical endurance bike. The versatility and the great riding performance of this model has really made it a favorite of ours. We invite you all to come in and look at it in person, get some more questions answered and even test it out. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Riding!



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