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bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Whether your riding takes you on or of the road or maybe you are the adventure type and do both. Having the right and the best drivetrain will make the difference. At Collareta Cycling we specialize in curating the best group sets on the market so we can offer our customers the best options taking into account, quality, durability, reliability and budget. Here you are sure to get the best possible combination for your riding needs.


bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

As probably the best and #1 upgrade that you can do to any bicycle, wheels have evolved to become nearly god-like upgrades to bicycles. Ranging from your everyday MBT trail wheel that is stable, takes on abuse, and rolls on with minimal drag; to those XC super-light smooth rollers you see on the World Cup. On the Road side, some wheel defy the laws of physics and save the rider a ton of energy that can be used to go faster, longer and higher! With this said, bicycle wheels get very technical and is easy to impulse buy something that is not really going to serve one well. We at Collareta Cycling have down our homework in curating a selection among the best brands out there that have become our proven go-to performance upgrade pieces. Visit us to learn more and find the right set of wheels for your riding style.


bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Looking back a old MTB and road cycling pictures and ads we can only laugh at what was at the time the best technology for parts upgrades available. Cockpits have become another focus point of the cycling industry for aftermarket upgrades. These pares not only make your bike look amazing, but make it more aerodynamic, improve your handling, reduces weight, and integrates cables and gadgets. That said, cockpits can be tricky as they come in an array of size and materials, different combinations that will suit one but not the other applications. We at Collareta Cycling can help you choose and install your perfect cockpit upgrade for any bicycle. Visit us to discover your options.



bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Upgrades, upgrades, and more upgrades. The after-market part industry has become even bigger than the bicycle industry itself. Every day there are new parts, and products that make our bicycle look cooler, perform better, shed weight, and more. We at Collareta Cycling have curated some of the best upgrade parts form the industry’s top brands to offer our customers the best for their budget. Visit us to talk about upgrade options for your bike.


bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

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