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Perfectionism, quality and handmade excellence, is the philosophy that Alcide Basso has imposed to itself since 1977, the year Cicli Basso was founded. For over 45 years now the principles that define the brand remain unchanged: excellent craftsmanship, innovative design, functionality, and top-quality materials.

Basso exists thanks to Alcide Basso’s determination of placing the product at the center of everything, while continuing to progress in terms of innovation. Basso craftsmen create with extreme attention to detail, great precision and a tireless perfectionism. This drive for perfectionism has produced and continues to produce incredible racing machines that not only are comparable in beauty to a work of art but, they are also a top performance vehicle exceeding the expectations of those lucky enough to own one.

Have a passion for speed a soft spot for little Italian flavor? You would love BASSO. Visit our showroom to start building your dream ride.



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