These are the brands of our Bicycles: Bianchi, Basso, Rocky Mountain, SE Bikes and Other brands like Storck, Devinci, Factor and Mondraker.



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From Southern California’s famous Venice comes a breath of fresh air. This relatively new bicycle brand makes a head-turner lineup of bikes build with the outmost attention to detail and performance. Every Linus bike is elegant, build with a purpose and build to be ridden for years to come. Taking into account user feedback and top-notch engineering the Linus bicycle lineup is impressive and a joy to ride. 


bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Factor Bikes was conceived from a commitment to innovation, speed and performance through advanced engineering; their soul lives in the union of technology and integration, while their heritage stems from advanced motorsport and aviation.

In 2007 Factor Bikes was born in an industrial unit in Norfolk, England. Originally an offshoot of bf1systems, Factor began as a leading engineering firm dedicated to working at the highest levels of design with some of the fastest, most prestigious brands in the world including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati and many F1, Moto GP, and WRC teams.

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bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Devinci stands as a global frame-manufacturing leader, home to cutting-edge R&D facilities and a top engineering squad committed to the ultimate ride.

This Proud Canadian Manufacturer of top-quality bicycles has become synonym with performance and top-notch quality. Making still some of their top frames in Canada tell you that their commitment to provide you with the best possible bike is not found elsewhere in the industry.



bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Perfectionism, quality and handmade excellence, is the philosophy that Alcide Basso has imposed to itself since 1977, the year Cicli Basso was founded. The principles that define the brand remain unchanged: Excellent craftsmanship, innovative design, functionality, and top quality materials.

Basso exists thanks to Alcide Basso’s determination of placing the product at the center of everything, while continuing to progress in terms of innovation. Basso craftsmen create with extreme attention to detail, great precision and a tireless perfectionism. This drive for perfectionism has produced and continues to produced incredible racing machines that not only are comparable in beauty to a work of art but, they are also a top performance vehicle exceeding the expectations of those lucky enough to own one. Learn More about Basso Bicycles.Download the catalogue.

Rocky Mountain

bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

The proud Canadian brand Rocky Mountain has been perfecting the world of Mountain Biking for 33 years. While others have followed the trend of producing something different every year with the hope it would stick to consumers, Rocky has dedicated countless hours and resources to perfecting their product before launching it into the market. You can expect a unique ride, unparalleled responsiveness, a higher standard for performance and amazing designs. Learn more about Rocky Mountain Bicycles.



bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Beginning as a result of the founder’s disastrous Ski crash in 1951 LOOK has come to become a legendary name in the world of Cycling. Synonymous with Legends like Bernard Hinault and Greg Lemond the look brand has earned a place in the top legends of the sport. But nothing says LOOK more than its contributions to the sport of cycling in terms of technology. LOOK Clip pedal invention was the result of that fearful ski crash back in 1951, and adapted in 1984 to the world of cycling, everything changed that year when the Tour the France was one by Hinault using the pedals. But the world will change again in 1986 when the first carbon fiber frame was developed and used by Hinault and Lemond. Form there the rest is just history…. Learn more here.



bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

The legacy of Dario Pegoretti, an Italian Bicycle artisan whose motto “fatti con le mani” (made with the hands) is represented not only on the brand’s crest and head badge, but on decades of superb craftsmanship and artistry. Through his vision and partnership of other artist, the bikes of Pegoretti are true works of art, tailor made, and ready for a true passionate cyclist. #steeelisreal #fatticonlemani #pegoretti.


Other brands

bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

Although we don’t normally stock them, we also have access to the following brands:

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