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Collareta Cycling Bicycle Shop started with the goal of being a different kind of bike shop. In an area saturated with generic bike shops, we felt that there was a part of the business that had been lost. Much like the restaurant world, where fast food and restaurant chains dominate the food offering, and the truly rich restaurant experiences are few and far between; that is the case for the bike shops, especially in our greater Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. The individuality and service quality of the business had been lost, this, in turn, had modified the behavior of the customers to think of the bike shop as their jiffy-lube, in-and-out type of establishment. However, we remain focused on our goal of being a different kind of shop. We strive to make the bike-shop experience rich again for as many cyclists as we can find. Sometimes that means turning down certain types of jobs, but mainly that means, providing not only quality service, but also going the extra mile in the choice of partners and product offerings.

What are we about?

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We think of cycling as an enriching experience for all that participate in it at any level. Especially today, in a world more focused on environmentalism, inclusion, and well-being. Cycling has always been more than a sport; it has been a cultural part of so many people around the world. Cycling is full of stories of how a simple machine like a bicycle has improved the lives of so many people that are hard to even quantify or express the positive impact it has had and continues to have in the world. That is why we try to bring our customers the best of that world, starting with our strive to work with brands that have a story to tell behind their product offerings. Brands that are not another factory churning out happy-meal type of products are consumer items that in a year (or maybe even less time) would be thrown out or discarded. Our goal is to work with brands that bring value and enrich people’s lives with every use of their products. We pair that with the best customer service and partnership we can offer our customers. We need to know your story, learn what drives you to ride, and listen to where and with who you want to ride so that we can offer you the best bike solution out there. Whether this is a new road, gravel, MTB, randonneur, or cruiser bicycle; to the right accessory, training aid, or apparel to accomplish your goals and improve your experience.


This is our goal, it is what we are here to do, and we strive to do it to the best of our ability every time we see you at the store. We hope to see you again soon!

- Andres Estevez