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As a full service bicycle shop, we cater to all kinds of bicyclists, whether you are an 8-year-old kid with a flat tire or a world-class Ironman athlete. However, we specialized in helping our community with their cycling and outdoor sports needs. Whether you need a flat tire changed or you’re thinking of your next big race, we are here to help you succeed.

Cycling is our way of life

bicycle and cycling shop Collareta Florida

We are avid advocates of the cycling “lifestyle,” and we want to share it with as many people as possible. We firmly believe that the joys of being outdoors riding a bicycle will become memorable in one’s lifetime and can become the path to a friendship, a love, or a career…  Whether it is riding around your neighborhood, at a park, or at a world-class event, it is something magical, liberating, and not to mention good for your health.


We are extremely proud of our brand’s Italian heritage. We believe in traditional values of honest work, perseverance, and determination; and we apply these values in everything we do, from changing a tire, to our inventory selection.  That is why when you come in we take pride in knowing your name; listening to your story; and helping you accomplish your goal.  Our customers are our most important asset and seeing them come back, leave with a smile, and share their stories of their first competitive event means we are doing a great job.


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