3 Reasons Why Electric Bikes Are Becoming Cool AF

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3 Reasons Why Electric Bikes Are Becoming Cool AF

Before I get into the nifty details of these awesome bikes let me just go ahead and debunk the stereotypes: Electric bikes are not necessarily for lazy people as they do offer pedaling capabilities, the target is not the fitness enthusiast, and they will not break the bank 😉.

Since 2014, E-bikes have managed to start zooming their way to the top of the daily chatter, as more and more users start to share the advantages and benefits of owning one.

Here are a few reasons why they have been able to maintain their status as #trending…

1. Eco-obsession


Photo by Oleg Koval on Unsplash

According to the Carbon Footprint Ltd , a world leader in carbon management and environmental advocates for businesses,

Air pollution is a major global issue which is causing premature deaths and illnesses throughout the world. The majority of air pollution in developed countries is caused by traffic which is especially prominent in towns and cities due to the congestion.

Eco consciousness has been an increasingly growing topic after the release of the light-shedding films Blackfish, Before The Flood, and A Plastic Ocean; causing eco-businesses to blossom and thrive in the environmental buzz. One of them being the e-bike industry as it has become an attractive way to become part of the conversation, and an easy way to contribute to minimizing global warming. Replacing daly city commute by car with an e-bike will reduce your carbon footprint by 2.99 tons of Carbon dioxide per every 10,000 miles according to the Carbon Footprint Ltd.

Varying from 3–4 hour battery charge and the power to cover a range of about 30 miles per charge, E-bikes like Bes Super Electric Bikes demo and sold by Collareta Cycling, are becoming ever more popular within the Eco Warrior community.

Electric bikes are six times more energy efficient than even rail transit, and their environmental impact echoes that of traditional bikes… if every American living within five miles of their work were to commute by bike at least one day a week, it would be like taking a million cars off the road entirely. — Jeff Johnson, Surprising Ways An Electric Bike Affects The Environment

Therefore, Eco-warriors are celebrating the idea of the e-bike as it has direct positive impact on the environmental agenda. 🌎 💚

2. Introducing The College Parking Challenge


Photo by Omer Rana on Unsplash

If you have been to a college or university in the United States you have surely encountered the frustrating, yet skilled, art of finding parking on campus.

As an FSU grad parking was a nightmare that costed me lots of money, time, and even grades. Not only did I have to park in meter lots, but sometimes parking wasn’t marked correctly and you ended up getting fined for “illegal parking”. -Carla Estevez

And this isn’t just an FSU issue, it is a problem nationwide; as an article published in the East Bay Times puts it…

the students circle. They stalk. They squeeze into tiny spaces and, sometimes, sneak into faculty slots. -Katy Murphy

Lucky for students though, e-bikes have come to save the day! Given that most students attending a college or university live within the area, an e-bike that can cover a 30 mile range is the perfect way to combat this growing issue across college campuses. Some brands even have models that can fold allowing you to take it on public transport or store it in your dorm!

Not only does riding an e-bike provide you with a loophole for getting out of paying for college parking permits, parking tickets, and save you the overall hassle of wasting time; It also provides you with a way to get to class quickly and with minimal sweating, unlike conventional bikes. #winning

3. Back In My Day… 👴


Photo by yichuan zhan on Unsplash

AARP livable Communities recently published an article titled Getting around,

“E-bikes answer many of the excuses people have for not biking. Hills, long distances, sweaty clothes, hot weather, cold weather, not being able to carry things due to weight.”— Randy Neufeld, president of the SRAM Cycling Fund, which promotes bicycling in Europe and North America

These and many more factors affect the older population of bikers, as they struggle with balancing the scales of aching joints and desire for adventure. But don’t fret gramps, you can now join the family ride to the beach and you won’t have to worry about falling behind. ❤️

E-bikes offer two very useful means of usage….

Understanding the E-Bike Lingo:

Pedal Assist: Provides a boost of power when a cyclist is pedaling

Pedal With Throttle: The motor provides power and keeps the bicycle moving whether or not the cyclist is actively pedaling.

So, not only will you be able to get a workout in as you enjoy the ride, but when you need to take a break you won’t stray away from the pack. This allows you to cycle more socially, since you will be able to keep up with kids or other active bikers, which in turn will motivate you to keep getting out and riding. 😉 Bonus, staying active has been proven to promote a healthy life!


I leave you with an excerpt from an article published in The NPD Group, (offers data, industry expertise, and prescriptive analytics) titled The U.S. Bike Specialty Market Pedals Ahead, with Mountain and Electric Bicycles Leading the Pack,

The U.S. cycling market is a $5.9 billion industry … The fastest-growing bicycle type in the market right now is electric. E-bike sales totaled $77.1 million in 2017, up 91 percent over the previous year. (And) Sales of electric bikes have grown more than eightfold since 2014.

The time is now to get back on the saddle, no excuses allowed. 😎 Come in for a test ride!


-Blog post by Carla Estevez – Follow her on Medium.


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